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so i thought i just did something wrong there, i couldnt see anything in my livejournal all day...thought someone got ahold of my password or sumthin...nope..just my shitty ass computer..

I turned in that application..unfortunetely, they arent hiring right tomorrow i look for a job further away from me...i dont have any options anymore, so i guess it comes down to rollerblading every day, to and from...worth it? quite =)

Talked to a few friends today...wondered if i should stay away...would it help? the answer i got was no..nothing could help right I'm takin a breather...i need time for myself...unfortunetely, that means missing some people i really dont feel like missing...but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do..i really hope i go to the party randy's playing friday...that'd be nice to see his first real party set LOL that sounded funny..but i know what i mean...

talked to brad today...he made me think...i asked him what he thought of me, and he responded with why do you care? i was shocked...kinda pissed, actually...i *should* care what my friends think of me...i said that to him, and he says...if they dont like you, after they see all your *imperfections* (or so they think) then do you really WANT to consider them your friend? and i said WOW...he made me think....Brad is a wise man...i was thinking along those same lines, but for some reason, i just couldnt get a grip on what i i have one..and im quite proud of myself for it, honestly...

We'll see what goes on in the future...hopefully good, im sure some bad, maybe even some terrible...but its life, and we all have to find our own way to deal with it =)
now if i could just figure that way out.......

see y'all later =) allegaters
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