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It is now

I haven't gone to sleep yet...I'm talking to Brian...experimenting with this new web site I'm's cool as fuck =)

So i still need a job...of course...this week...theres no way i can go any longer without a losing my mind...

so i get my permit august 4th, and i get my license september looking forward to being able to drive myself around...that'll be sooo fucking nice....i cant wait =)

ummm....I've been writing some poetry lately...I miss writing my thoughts on paper...its a great release =) Actually, tonight I got asked to help write a song...I'm looking forward to doing that....I also got asked to play my flute for a band...that will be absolutely wonderful =))))))

besides that, i miss some of my old friends...i dont understand why they never call me, but i guess its cuz i never call them....i wish they would understand that i dont have a car, so i dont want to call and be like...*umm...wanna come get me?* that would just be too fucked i guess i wait until *I* have a car...then i can hang with whomever i choose =) it'll be fun to like what up...i got a car now ;P *YAY* I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

I'm going to the cemetary with my mom today to see my grandpa...i havent been there in a long will be and my mom will probably talk a lot too...that will be very nice =) outtie
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