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my adventure...


Thursday night, I went to Carbon...that was cool, but they were supposed to be bringing in Ry-N from Chicago...the storms kept him there, so we all got free passes instead. I went with Vern, and Jen was there...I met their friend Kelli...she's cool :) I saw Savage there too...drunk, like always. lol...but cool, always too. He told me if I emailed him by the next day, he would get me on the guestlist for the party he was spinning at on Saturday. Then I went home... Friday...I never went to sleep. I never went out, either. So Saturday...I drank 4 cups of coffee at about 10 am...whew, was i So I stayed up all day long...Had about 5 different people tell me they were gonna hang out and go to the party with me. Umm...ok. So half of them couldn't find a ride out here, and the others never called. Shitty people, I tell ya. So Brian called me, and said "all right gurl...we're goin!" I was excited :) BUT took him an hour and a half to get here, when it should've takin him 45 he finally got here....we went 94 to was closed...i was gettin kinda annoyed by it all. And with no sleep, i was kinda bitchy. I apologized profusely for the entire night..he was like stop saying you're isnt your fault. So i stopped ;) Well, then we get to the party...we didnt hear any music...$5 for parking, free admission???? ok...lets see whats up...i didnt hear any savage tells me that they just went to get the wire they needed to hook it up...about 50 kids were there, and after they got the wire, and realized it STILL didnt work, about 30 of em and brian stayed, just to wait it out...nuthin better to do anyway. So we waited while this other guy went and got his receiver and cd player and some more wires....brian hooked it up. You would think that the *dj* would know how to hook his own shit up....nope. So at about 2, we finally got the music on. But in the process of hooking it all up, a blacklight fell on the arm of a turntable, and fucked up the Savage was spinning...with one turntable?? it sounded like ass...we left around 230. AND...whoever threw the party, left around midnight...never paid their djs, and never came back. fuckin bullshit. we didnt get our money back either. oh well...whatever...a learning experience. Terror Inc...shady promoters. Marco from Goodvibe...shady...he was part of the company that threw this party. So me and Brian left, and drove around Detroit for a few. Fuckin crazy already....So he asks me, "have you ever been to city club?" i said no, so he said ok :) so we went to city, remember, im in my khakis and my snapple of course i stood out in the crowd. That venue is the shit! I just sat on the side and watched everyone...there are some freaky ass people there, lemme tell you. But no one scared me too much. I watched Brian dance, that was cool :) So we leave city club when it gets out at 430...we didnt necessarily want to go home, so we sat on the trunk of his car and watched the sky as it got lighter :) Some buildings were in the way, so we couldnt watch the sun come up...but it was cool. Overall, my night sucked. The only good things that came out of it were:
I learned that another company is shady as fuck.
I went to a club I'd never been to before.
I got to hang out with a cool kid :) which made it all quite worth it, considering we had never really hung out one on one before.
I got a compliment on my Snapple shirt :) which ended up becoming a conversation about legalizing weed, the government, and then we talked about the and brian just looked at each other like WHAT~THE~FUCK!...

So my was quite that...unbelieveable.

Sunday...went to sleep around 8 am, woke up at 430...was gonna see my dad, but hes too fuckin lazy to come get me....HAPPY FATHERS DAY! hope you had a good one, considering seeing your daughter isnt too important to you. dads always been the same i guess. hopefully he changes sometime, i hope at least before hes gone...

So now its sunday night, im chillin, about to hook up my parents scanner for em...then im goin to bed

*julie ann*
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