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this weekend...

so friday i was supposed to go to motor with vern...didnt happen =/ i asked chris if he wanted to go, and he was going to i was like ummm...ok...ill watch movies then..and i did =)
saturday night...i went to motor then to save the really blew out ;) it was fun...i saw this kid dwayne that ive known for about 4 years now...his gurl had their daughter =) i was happy that i got to see him tho..i havent seen him about a year...i saw kuhn....what a silly kid...ummm...had a lil trouble gettin into the party at first, but i finally accomplished it =) it was alright...the venue wasnt that big, and it was hot as hell in there...i was sweatin so bad i *looked* like i was rollin...danced my ass off tho ;) overall, the night was cool...motor was empty...saw jen from planetraver there...we made fun of girls together ;P was then i came home around 6, made a couple grilled cheeses, ate 3 pieces of toast, talked to my mom when she woke up, and said goodnight..she was like, "GOODNIGHT???" i just laughed...went was kinda funny actually...
Sunday...woke up, felt incredible pain in my chest...i think i smoke too throats been in pain all day, it hurts to breathe, cough, smoke cigarettes, etc....but im livin, so im not complainin =) ate some spring rolls with my family was my mom, my stepdad, my aunt & uncle, my niece, my sister-in-law, and her niece is just too fuckin cute...she walked in and was like *HI GEE* with a big fuckin smile...god i love that gurl =))))))) shes my angel =*)

*crosses fingers*

gettin a job this week...

*julie ann*

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